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Global Learning XPRIZE

Global Learning XPRIZE

A $15 million global competition to Empower Children

To take control of their own learning

A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Science Learning Center Co-founders Dr. Bettye and Hal Walker announced joining the Global Learning XPRIZE Initiative. A-MAN, Inc. headquarters is located in Inglewood, CA. The Global Learning XPRIZE challenges teams from around the world to develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic, empowering them to take control of their own learning and ultimately their future. Our goal is an empowered generation that will positively impact their communities, countries and the world. Thw A-MAN  Xprise eam name is Global Access Learning Educator (GALE)

The XPRIZE kicked off in September 2014 .At the end of the 18 months, the team whose solution enables the greatest proficiency gains in reading, writing and arithmetic –– will receive the Grand Prize of $10 million. All of the top 5 Finalist solutions, including the winner’s, will be open-sourced to the world.

Need for the Competition

Grand Challenge:

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills. Many of these children are in developing countries without regular access to quality schools or teachers. In fact, UNESCO estimates that the world will need 1.6 million more teachers globally by 2015.  And that number is set to double by 2030.